Dear Customer,

Thank you for your attention and support to Galazeys. We attach great importance to intellectual property protection and are committed to ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of our products and brands on cross-border e-commerce platforms.
The following is our intellectual property content:

Intellectual Property Statement:

[Trademark Rights]: Our brand names, trademarks and logos (including but not limited to company names, product names and logos) are the exclusive property of our company. No individual or organization may use, copy or tamper with these trademarks and logos without our written authorization.

[Patent Rights]: Our products may be protected by patents. No person or organization may manufacture, copy, sell or use products related to our patents without our written authorization.

[Copyright]: Our website content, product images, text descriptions and other creative works are protected by copyright law. No individual or organization may copy, distribute, display or modify these works without our written authorization.

Intellectual property protection measures:
To protect our intellectual property, we have taken the following measures:

[Legal Authorization]: We only sell our products on legally authorized sales channels to ensure the legality and quality of the products.

[Brand Monitoring]: We conduct regular brand monitoring to detect and respond to any unauthorized use of our brand names, trademarks and logos.

[Legal Rights Protection]: For any infringement of our intellectual property rights, we will take necessary legal measures to protect our legitimate rights and interests.

Customer Responsibilities:
As our customer, we hope you will also help us protect our intellectual property:

[Legal purchase]: Please ensure that you purchase our products through our authorized sales channels to obtain the authenticity guarantee.

[Infringement Report]: If you find any infringement of our intellectual property rights, please report it to us at [email protected] in time, and we will actively take measures to deal with it.

We are committed to protecting intellectual property rights and maintaining a level playing field, and thank you for your support and cooperation with our brand. If you have any questions about intellectual property or require further assistance, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team (Mail: [email protected]).

Thank you again for your support! Happy shopping!